Sunday, 4 August 2013

Apple iPad Outsold By Android Tablets For First Time Ever In Q2 2013

In the second quarter, more Android tablets shipped worldwide than Apple iPads for the first time.
While Apple still sold the most tablets, its domination of the tablet market slipped from 71.2 percent a year ago to 42.7 percent.

Apple sold a total of 14.6 million iPad units in Q2 2013. Coming in second was Samsung with 7.3 million tablets, and increase of 294.8 percent from the year-ago quarter. The rest -- Amazon, Lenovo and Acer -- also each saw drastic increases in sales.
Q2 2013 Tablet SalesAndroid tablets outsold iPads for the first time in Q2 2013.  Canalys
Overall, the tablet market continues to grow rapidly. The total amount of tablets sold increased 42.9 percent from Q2 2012 to 34.2 million units.


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