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Welcome to Business Teller. Get the latest about business and how it affects you and let your mind travel on Business Teller.

News on Business Teller

Welcome to Business Teller. Get the latest about business and how it affects you and let your mind travel on Business Teller.

News on Business Teller

Welcome to Business Teller. Get the latest about business and how it affects you and let your mind travel on Business Teller.

News on Business Teller

Welcome to Business Teller. Get the latest about business and how it affects you and let your mind travel on Business Teller.

News on Business Teller

Welcome to Business Teller. Get the latest about business and how it affects you and let your mind travel on Business Teller.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Porting: MTN is Biggest Loser, Etisalat Biggest Gainer

130512F4.MTN-Logo.jpg - 130512F4.MTN-Logo.jpg
MTN Nigeria has taken a big hit by recording 49 per cent of the overall subscribers that have switched service providers under the recently introduced Mobile Number Portability (MNP) scheme, according to figures released this week by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).


Steve Ballmer has announced his intent to retire as CEO from Microsoft, admitting that the company needs new “longer-term” leadership as part of its efforts to restructure as a devices and services company.

10 Interview Fashion Blunders-What Not to Wear to the Interview

Nowadays, if you were to ask 100 people their opinion about what to wear to an interview, the majority would answer, "Dress on the conservative side."

Crisis Leadership: The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make and How To Avoid Them

Employee shooting! Chemical spill! Product recall! Cybertechnology attack! Executive kidnapping! Natural disaster! Plant bombing! Terrorist attack! Once reserved within the imagination of a Hollywood screenwriter or suspense novelist, these kinds of crises now dominate our daily news headlines. Whether around the corner or around the world, these crisis scenarios are now far too common within our increasingly complex, stressful and dangerous world.

What a successful turnaround looks like

You’re CEO of a once great company, now beleaguered on all sides by competitors and a rapidly changing industry. How do you get back on top?

Absurd but kinda necessary-10 excuses for missing work

Smart excusesI've Earned It: No one can argue with performance. Co
Here are 10 excuses -- five smart and five not-so-smart -- to help you save face and your sanity at work.

Bye bye iphone. we have just fallen in love with the nokia lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925
Another new Nokia? Another chance for us to say Apple and Samsung are way better? Not this time, the Lumia 925 is almost perfect.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Years of consistent high quality, good marketing support, an understanding of the market and consumer trends has paid off as CHI Limited recently won some awards in the just concluded Generation Next Awards, 2013.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Plan To Get 5 Billion More People Online

Mark Zuckerberg would like to connect the five billion people on the planet who don’t have Internet with the rest of the online world. And while yes, of course, since he’s the founder and CEO of Facebook, one might assume that the more of those people who have access to the World Wide Web, the more there’ll be on Facebook.

This Mysterious Website Tells You When You Will Die

Ever wonder how long you have to live? It turns out the Internet can answer even that.
Using actuarial data compiled by Wolfram|Alpha, a writer and former software designer named Philip Bump has set up a life clock on his website. Here's the site where you can calculate your own death time. Punch in your date of birth, sex and country where you live

Finally, A Robot That Will Talk To Your Children So You Don't Have To


You work really hard all day, so when you're finally back at home, all you want to do is kick back with your iPad and play with some apps.
A little Candy Crush and scotch to ease the pain, am I right? But no.
First some 8-year-old wants you to talk to them. Then some 3-year-old is trying to give you a hug. Ugh.

12 Warning Signs Your Job Is Becoming Obsolete

In our unstable economic times, there are few employees who feel absolutely sure their job will still be here tomorrow.

But it's not productive to be distracted by needless worry every day. So how do we know when to relax and when to worry (and start polishing up that resume?)

Sources of Small Business Financing

Small businesses can get money through "equity financing" or "debt financing." Equity financing means that you sell stock in your company to a buyer, who then has an ownership interest in your company. Debt financing means a loan -- you owe the person who holds the debt (usually a promissory note) the amount borrowed. Here are the most common sources of equity and debt financing for small businesses.

Xbox One Vs. PS4 Full Launch Line-Up

The full launch line-up for both Microsoft‘s Xbox One and Sony‘s PS4 have been revealed, though more games could be added and it’s always possible that some of these games could be delayed.

Three Ways To Use Video To Build Your Personal Brand

Video is quickly becoming the most valuable tool for building your brand. Why? Because video allows you to deliver a complete communication that’s visual and relatable and will build those all-important emotional connections with people who are making decisions about you. It’s you when you aren’t there! Here are three powerful ways to use video to stand out, increase your visibility and boost your impact.

10 Ways To Make Each Day A Leadership Masterpiece

Years ago, I picked up a pearl of wisdom from coaching great, John Wooden. Make each day your masterpiece!  Living at that level is a powerful and challenging concept.  Most of us fall short and it‘s easy to blame our circumstances and those around us for their distraction.  Yet, a leader has a duty to perform at the highest possible level and an honest assessment may reveal days laden with missed leadership opportunities.

Airtel, Nokia boost internet adoption with new offering

In line with its commitment to connect the next billion users, Airtel Nigeria and Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, have partnered to provide new data offerings for customers to access their favourite social media networks on their Nokia Asha devices.

Conglomerates, SMEs raise success chance through business analysis

In recognition that business analysis increases chances of success, large conglomerates, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and government agencies in Nigeria are warming up for the forthcoming 3rd annual National Business Analysis Conference.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Five ways for businesses to make the most of social media

Social media is all the rage right now. Everybody is on Facebook and Twitter, and many people are venturing into Pinterest and Google Plus and Tumblr and Wordpress. Everywhere you look, somebody is updating their status, tweeting their thoughts, pinning a page and blogging about it.

10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Business More Productive

Here are 10 top picks (in no particular order) for some fun and simple productivity apps that are either brand new or offering new features in 2013. Enjoy—and feel free to chime in with your own recommendations and picks.

The One Thing Successful People Don't Do (And 9 Famous Examples)

There are many varieties of success. Jobs and careers are one area, but success in family life, personal relationships, community and church work, philanthropy and sports or treasured hobbies are important success priorities as well.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

7 Tips to Make This A Great Week

Well Monday is so close. While this of course means the weekend is over, it also means a new week of unlimited potential lies ahead. The following are 7 ideas that will help you have a happy, productive and meaningful week:

70 Billion Reasons For A Public Company To Go Private- The Blackberry Story

When you lose more than $70 billion in stock market value in the space of roughly five years, it might just be time to put the investing public out of its misery and come off the stock market.