Friday, 17 May 2013

World`s highest paid employee

Mr del Missier's pay for 2010 consisted of £10.9m in salary and bonus plus a long-term incentive award of £3.35m, making him the highest paid senior executive of the bank. He was just ahead of Rich Ricci, the other co-head of Barclays Capital, who received £14m in salary and bonus for 2010.

However, including the £33m in shares handed to Mr del Missier earlier this month under a raft of incentive plans that rewarded his performance over the past five years, his total package was worth £47.3m.

Chief executive Bob Diamond, who used to run Barcap, earned £6.75m in salary and bonus for 2010, as well as a long-term incentive award worth £2.25m that took his total package for 2010 to £9m. The final package was about £2.5m lower than he was eligible to receive for his work in 2010, after Barclays agreed to cut his bonus as part of a pay "restraint" agreement with the Government included in the Project Merlin deal.

Including share awards that vested this year, Mr Diamond's total pay package was about £30m.

Mr del Missier and Mr Ricci's pay was revealed in Barclays' latest remuneration report, and though neither man is directly named they can be identified by cross-referencing the report to a management share disclosure released by the bank at the same time